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Over the course of many years the federal government has usurped many powers the Constitution reserves to the States. Federal regulatory and spending excess has created economic calamity for the country and loss of personal freedoms. A tarnished Constitution caused by insidious judicial activism has enabled the mischief of expanded government power.


Why Call for an Amendment to the Constitution?

  • To Reduce the Size of Government

  • To Restore Constitutional Limited Government Powers

  • To Limit the Regulatory Power of Government

  • To Limit the Spending Power of Government

THE GOAL OF A CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION is to AMEND the Commerce and Spending Clauses of the Constitution, first and foremost. Amendment of these clauses and two others will stop the runaway growth of big government. This Website explains.


How is the Constitution Amended?

  • Sign the Petition for Constitutional Convention

  • Your signatures are sent your state Legislatures to let them know that the people are calling for a  Convention to Amend the Constitution

  • The Legislatures of two thirds of the states must call for a Constitutional Convention

  • Constitutional Amendments proposed by the State Legislatures are then ratified through the Legislatures of three quarters of the states.


Our Agenda When Amending the Constitution:

Discrete amendments to the Commerce Clause, General Welfare (spending) Clause, Necessary and Proper Clause, and Supremacy Clause will restore the luster to the original Constitution. Amendment under Article V is the only permanent cure to restore the balance of power, Federalism, the soul of the Constitution.


America is victim to years of unconstitutional government at the hands of politicians and judges who have corrupted the Constitution’s original meaning. Economic malaise of the nation and loss of personal freedoms and liberty is the heavy price paid for violation of the U.S. Constitution. This website explains.

The only permanent cure is specific amendment to key clauses to restore the original limits of the Constitution on federal powers. JOIN THIS ACTION. Sign this Petition that will be forwarded to your State Legislature. This is action that you can take to save our country’s future.

Paul Antinori
Author of "CONVENTION: To Resurrect the U.S. Constitution" (2012) and "A Modest Proposal to Amend the U.S. Constitution" (2010)

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Sign the Petition

To let the three branches of the federal government know that we demand to reinvigorate the First Principle of the Constitution - limited government - by curative amendments that will repair the damage done to our Constitution over the past 75 years.


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To Restore a Culture of Strength

Celebrate the unequal distribution of prosperity lawfully achieved. It manifests the lingering vitality of liberty. Inequality of wealth symbolizes the existence of an underlying free society. Freedom means we are all born equal before the law with equal right and opportunity to strive and achieve. Celebrate those hearty souls who have braved the long journey of rags to riches and finally reached the summit. 85% of “wealthy” Americans did not inherit their wealth – they earned it. Government’s primary job is to preserve a level playing field, fairness in the equal opportunity for everyone to strive – though ordained by nature that the final results will not be equal for everyone.

America is the “land of opportunity” – not the land of guaranteed benefits and subsidies or the “land of milk and honey” unless you are a working dairyman or beekeeper. A few vocals in the new age of “zombie” protesters and “occupiers” see success as sinful. They view other Americans who have achieved wealth through education, self-sacrifice, and industrious efforts as somehow evil. In July 2012 a gloomy darkness of pessimism and shock descended on hard working Americans to hear their President proclaim that hard work, talent, education, determination and personal sacrifice are NOT the ingredients of success – but rather, GOVERNMENT makes all good things possible. This insane rhetoric was a dagger to the throat of every individual in America since the Industrial Revolution who with burning ambition and drive has lifted himself by his own bootstraps to achieve success and Exceptionalism. This arrogant and socialist President challenges the wisdom of the ages. Myopic “occupiers” and the politicians who egg them on, fail to see the obvious – it is not government that makes their “student loans” possible. That is a grandiose illusion fashioned for fools. The “wealthy” taxpayers who fill the coffers of the national treasury and without whom no government would be possible, much less student loans – are the nation’s benefactors – they have always been.

Political demagogues see it in their best interest to perpetuate the cultural divide in America. This explains why foundational change – a restoration of federalism – a reinvigoration of constitutional government will never come by the hand of sub-prime politicians, devoid of statesmanship, whose best means of political survival after the implosion of their policies, is vitriolic partisanship – playing the blame game — the fomenting of acrimony and antagonism between the haves and the have-nots – divisive class warfare designed to rally supporting factions such as unions and minorities, turning them hostile toward the wealth creators, the innovators and job providers in the private sector – a madness, demagogic chicanery which unfortunately a gullible segment of the electorate has bought into.

The calculated but transparent political ploy of inciting Americans to hate other Americans for the tactical gain of re-election to office is a plan to promote a mob mentality. Stalin called these blind disciples of collectivism “useful idiots”. Even when the mob starts acting like a mob the political inciters even from the halls of Congress remain unapologetic.

In 1789 Paris, they who stormed the Bastille did not learn from the Englishman’s way which instead, inspired the American Experiment. The French revolutionists did not have the same debate we had in Philadelphia regarding the horrors of despots who attain power by the fomenting of class hatred. The underprivileged having forcefully acceded to power instantly became collectivist tyrants. Those who deposed King Louis XVI became themselves more autocratic and cruel than he had ever been. Predictably for them, their famous shouts of egalite’ and fraternite’, a collectivist, egalitarian ideology, as might have been expected, led to Robespierre’s despotic Reign of Terror, which, as fate ordains, soon consumed Robespierre himself. Collectivist equality enforced by government and built on the ruins of wealth creators is an ideology doomed to disaster given enough rope and time.

The gullible are trained to look upon the “wealthy” only at the final stage – the tail end of what was a long journey and struggle to the summit. Their looking glass is narrow. The gullible have no wide vision to see the entire picture – the long, tortuous and rock strewn road traveled by those aspiring and energetic countrymen who finally in the end achieve success – the American Dream. They really don’t want to see it. They focus on the “riches” part but not the “rags” part. They are incredibly oblivious to the hunger to succeed earlier on that drove the determination to rise upward.

Philosopher Ayn Rand (1905 –1982) expressed this idea perfectly as anyone could through the medium of modern language:

“We are taught to admire the second-hander who dispenses gifts he has not produced above the man who made the gifts possible. We praise an act of charity. We shrug at an act of achievement” (Atlas Shrugged).

We have demonstrated that a constitutional crisis goes hand in hand with a cultural crisis. Restoring original constitutional principles of limited government and circumscribed federal power to regulate and to spend public funds will serve as the best antidote. We must open the door to constitutional amendment to accomplish such restoration. The need for a Constitutional Convention is a cultural need in addition to a legal, personal and economic one.

Amendment of the Spending Clause by a Constitutional Convention will restore a culture of strength to our country. Unfortunately, a people once intoxicated with the notion of liberty, freedom and self reliance have grown accustomed to seek redemption in government for all things earthly.

Prodigious subsidization and expansive regulation by government over a broadening range of economic activity in tandem with increased taxation and expansion of entitlements equates to artificial and engineered “redistribution of wealth”. Final redistribution is the pipe dream of socialism. A substantial segment of the younger generation has been persuaded by doctrinaires, their “teachers”, to believe that relieving others of their material achievements and property is an honorable pursuit.

Government imposed redistribution of wealth in the name of egalitarian allocation of resources distributable among the whole population in merit less fashion – is the Antichrist of a free society. It has never worked. It does not bring happiness. It breeds misery. It always will.

Society’s cultural norms, social expectations and the Constitution are interrelated. The cultural pendulum has swung to the left and the operation of government has gone to the left. The two phenomena exist in parallel. Big government becomes possible by ignoring constitutional principles in order to achieve an egalitarian state of wealth redistribution. A culture of collectivism that celebrates socialist type redistribution of resources, with government as the enforcer, exists only because big government exists. This idea remains at war with American tradition. A culture of dependency is a culture of weakness. Egalitarianism produces mediocrity as the new standard of achievement. Restoring the Constitution restores a culture of strength.

Paul Antinori. July 2012. CONVENTION: To Resurrect the U.S. Constitution.


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